A few hours at the Kimbell Museum of Art

Designed in 1967 by architect Louis I. Kahn and finished in 1972 in collaboration with landscape architects Harriet Pattison and George Patton; and structural engineer August Komendant. 

The museum can be accessed through either the lawn and the beautiful mass of yaupon hollies trees out in the entrance courtyard or the rear parking lot (to the East) one story below the main floor. 

Either way you enter, the spatial sequence of the building is magnificently clearly laid out. 

The museum is comprised of 16 parallel halls covered by 20 feet wide by 100 feet long post-tensioned reinforced concrete shells (or vaults). Each thin vault is supported by four reinforced concrete columns which can be visible throughout the building. 

Entrance courtyard with yaupon hollies and opened porches that overlook the water pools. 

Main vestibule looking towards the northern courtyard and main stairs connecting to the Eastern vestibule. 

The interior curving shells have light slots that allows for natural light to enter the galleries. Stainless steel reflectors bounce the natural light difuminating it throughout the curving vaults illuminating the gallery interiors with a soft well-distributed natural light. 


officer’s club

Obra del arquitecto Jesús Eduardo Amaral el club de oficiales es uno de nuestros mejores ejemplos de arquitectura moderna en Puerto Rico. Base Ramey, Aguadilla.


James L Blilie Photos from 1955-58, Stationed at Eglin AFB, Florida
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sketching por la isla, 2do recorrido / UPR río piedras

Estos son algunos bocetos que realizamos el pasado sábado en la UPR de río piedras.

plano parcial del campus y una vista de las escaleras principales de la biblioteca lázaro

varios intentos solapados para representar el atrio a doble altura del área de lectura en la lázaro. arquitecto, henry klumb

sección representativa de uno de los volúmenes de salones de clase de los edificios de sociales. arquitecto, henry klumb

varios bocetos de las relaciones espaciales en el nivel terrero del edificio de estudios generales. arquitectos, toro+ferrer

edificio de estudios generales. arquitectos, toro+ferrer